Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mystery Monday Answer #1

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner in the first Mystery Monday!! Thanks to all those who participated. You had some FABULOUS guesses!!

::drum roll:: 
::anticipation fills the air::

And the winner is........

Yes, the picture was the inside of an original Slinky...but the miniature version. It's one of my many desk toys. I love to twirl it in my fingers and stretch it between my thumb and middle finger while I'm pondering the intense graphic design issues of our times. It's quite meditative.

MommyMagpie gets the honor and prestige of being the VERY FIRST WINNER of Mystery Mondays.

What walks down stairs, alone or in pairs, and makes a slinkity sound?
A spring, a spring, a marvelous thing! Everyone knows it's Slinky.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky. For fun it's a wonderful toy.
It's Slinky, it's Slinky. It's fun for a girl or a boy.
It's fun for a girl or boy!

My Slinky was one of my FAVORITE toys growing up. Not sure what it was about it but I LOVED my Slinky...and still do today. It would get all twisted it up in a giant metal spaghetti knot that would distort and bend the metal spring. No matter how ugly it got or how misshapen it became, I still loved my Slinky.

Did you know...
Naval engineer, Richard James, invented the Slinky in the early 1940s. In November, 1945, it was demonstrated at Gimbel's in Philadelphia. It was a hit!! They sold for $1 each and sold out in 90 minutes. The original Slinky was 2.5" tall with 98 coils of high-grade blue-black Swedish steel. Today, is the official state toy for the State of Pennsylvania.

A little twisted humor from The Oatmeal...parental discretion is advised.  Dear Slinky... :P



Check back next Monday for a new mystery!

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