Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boom Boom Boom -- Out Go the Lights

This past week was wild. It literally started off with a bang...and NO! it was NOT the Fourth of July fireworks. It was my tire going BOOM!!

I'm not sure what exactly happened or what even caused it but DAMN!!!!!!!! My tire came apart going about 60 mph July 4th afternoon. I thought I just had a flat when I heard the phlump phlump phlump. But when I pulled over this is what I found...

The tread had come off of my tire and bounced around in the wheel well ripping out wires and knocking out my headlight and turn signal. Even did some body damage to the front fender and fender trim. There's a gouge just outside the tire on the fender so maybe another car threw something up and hit my tire; I don't know. But I do know my car wouldn't start...couldn't even unlock it because all the power was gone.

This happened about 3:00 pm outside of Houston. Let me tell was effin' HOT!!!! Heat index was 105-106. There was no sitting in the car with the a/c on. OH NO! Couldn't even sit in the car and roll down the windows. OH NO!! I had to stand outside for an hour on the boiling black asphalt until the tow truck got there. I could have roasted weenies and made chili for the Fourth of July picnics out there. Shit was sticking to my shoes and it wasn't gum or dog was asphalt. I'm thrilled I didn't wear my ShapeUps...they would have melted. Sweat was pouring off me like Niagra Falls. I hate how you can just feel water running down your spine and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. I had sweat stains in places I don't dare mention. The wrecker driver probably thought I had wet my pants waiting on him because I was wringing wet EVERYWHERE! Then the heat made my feet swell. By the time the wrecker got there I resembled a plump, red, juicy tomato except no one would want to pick me. :(

One good note...The wrecker driver and my roadside assistance plan were AWESOME!!!!!!!! 5-STARS for Safeway Towing and Nationwide Roadside Assistance. They were very responsive and helpful.

I'm glad I added the rental car to my insurance...I have wheels! When I went to pick up my rental car, I found out my driver's license had expired. shit. They won't release a car to you without a valid license. That meant I got dropped off at the DPS office. Do you know what the DPS office is like in Houston? O.M.G. It's like a third-world country in there. Two rooms packed full of 200-300 sweaty, stinky people that don't speak English. Kids running around. People coughing and sneezing. After two hours there, I needed to be dipped in a vat of disinfectant and scrubbed with a wire brush. I felt gross and contaminated. BUT I got my driver's license!! Enterprise came and picked me up and finally gave me keys to a car.

And this was just a 12-hour period the first of last week. You would think the week would get smoother, right? Who are you kidding!?!? Shall we talk about the meetings, grandmother's new pacemaker, son getting locked out of the house, mom's jewelry show opening at the gallery and birthdays?! All packed into a short week, too. Where's my Calgon?

My car is still in the shop. They've got to get behind the dash to see what damage has been done. Not sure about the wiring harness yet. Oh joy.

Me and my leetle friend, Jose Cuervo, are going to cozy up. He helps me forget. :P

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