Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...

Woke up to a scare this morning. When I looked out front of my home, at first I thought fog has rolled in...but then I took a breath. It was smoke. I quickly looked up the street thinking there was a house on fire close by...but thank goodness, no. The field at the end of our street was fine, too. 

We live about 40 miles due south of the Magnolia fire. The winds have dramatically died down...which is a good thing for the firefighters. BUT...the downside to that is the smoke doesn't lift.

About an hour after seeing all this, the city sent out blanket text messages and phone calls to let us know we were safe and that there was no fires in our immediate area.

If this is 40 miles away...What must it be like right there? Pray for rain. Pray for our firefighters. Pray for Texas.

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