Sunday, April 28, 2013

Turtle! Turtle!

It rained cats and dogs last night! We got 7 ...SEVEN...  inches of rain in about 4-5 hours. 4 of that in 1.5 hours. It RAINED!!

We needed it but not all at once. I get so tickled with people complaining about drainage. "We should have better drainage so our streets won't flood." a clue! When you get THAT much rain in THAT short of time frame, our stormsewers cannot handle it THAT fast! The streets did what they're suppose to do...flood. Streets are like giant gutters that take water to the stormsewers which then in turn take it to our bayous. Streets flood so your house does not flood!! Just don't be an idiot and drive through a flooded street!!

As I was coming home from church, I saw a turtle stuck by a curb so I stopped and put him up on the grass away from the cars.

I drove about another 50 feet and there was another turtle...and ANOTHER turtle in the middle of the road. So I got out and put them up on the grass, too.

I think I rescued 8 turtles from roadkill stew this afternoon.

But when I thought I was done saving turtles, I saw this ittle bitty tiny little blip on the first I thought it was just a leaf or a mud clod...BUT was baby red ear turtle!!! He got rescued, too.

I'm starting to think it rained turtles last night...not cats and dogs!

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