Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring is in the Air

I had a bunch of errands to run on my day off. But as I was driving out to try to have my driver's license renewed, I noticed these two beautiful horses standing perfectly still on the old bridge. I had to have a picture. In the brief 5 seconds it took me to decide I needed a picture, I had missed the closest exit and had to drive a mile to the next exit. Get off the freeway, cross over, and drive another 3 miles back to the exit past the horses, all the while hoping they hadn't moved.

I finally get back to where they are and pull over onto the narrow shoulder. Can't get a good shot. Now I've got to creep up onto a bridge while all the busy holiday traffic is zooming by, shaking my poor little car with each woooooooooosh. I don't DARE get out of the car to take the picture. So I have to roll down the passenger window and lean over and stick my arm out as faaaaaaaaaar out as it will go. Got the image yet? This is when I wished I had a more powerful zoom on my camera!

After I got the picture, I have to ease back onto the freeway which was NOT easy. I get back to the exit and see the pasture adjacent to the bridge. It has 6-8 mares with 4-5 newborn colts!! There was no where to get a picture. They were sooooooooo cute with their fluffy tails and lanky, awkward legs.

I love Spring!!

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