Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stupid Monkey Award #2

I know it's not Friday yet but I just couldn't wait. The recipient of this week's stupid monkey has a running history of this kind of thing. Without further delay, the winner of Week #2 Stupid Monkey Award goes to...

The Deli in My Office Building

::applause:: ::cheer:: ::standing ovation::

We got a new deli last year. It's been wonderful!! A fantastic change! We actually have choices and plenty of food. It's clean, well lit, and a great place to get away from the cube. YAY DELI! But little did we know that they would also offer entertainment. :D

See, the deli is owned by an Asian family. They are VERY nice. <3 They have hired non-English speaking Mexicans to work the deli and serve their customers. The owners have a heavy accent. Their employees have a heavy accent and are just learning English. English is a second language to both groups. Getting the picture? When you place your order, you have to speak very loud and very slowly and point to what you want. But everybody is always friendly and has a smile. Except when there's no customers...that's when the owner let loose on their employees (BUT that's another award).

So everyday, the deli has specials. They post their specials on a dry-erase board. These specials are always the same each week...so the dishes become very familiar...and should be familiar to those that work there.

Today, we have a NEW soup. I've heard a lot about the benefits of this animal but have never, ever tasted it. I can't wait to have a bowl of Bee & Barley Soup for lunch today! How do you prepare bees? Do you think they went through and pulled off all the little stingers and wings? Do they taste like chicken? Hmmm...I must see where I can find some bees so I can cook with them at home. Wonder if they sell them like shrimp...you know... Jumbo/Carpenter, Medium/Honey, Small/Killer?

Shrimp Fried Rice is another one of their nemesis.  

But the one dish that never fails to entertain us week after week is... Kung Fu Chicken. We NEVER know how it will be spelled. Do we really know what we'll get, too?

I just chalk it up to the language barrier. It's so frustrating at times but DAMN it makes for a good laugh!!!

Congratulations, Deli!!! Keep it up!!!

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