Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roadtrip Munchies

Got to have an impromptu roadtrip today. Roadtrips can be fun. Lots to see...stop and take pictures...and explore. Today was more of a rush pick-up-and-deliver kind of trip. BUT there's nothing like the required munchies... Bugles, chocolate and an Orange Crush (or Mountain Dew). You know...the kind of stuff to help your ankles swell even more than they already are?! AND you have to put the Bugles on your fingers like wicked monster claws to eat. First you bite off the tip and then munch your way up the bugle. mmm mmmmm mm!!

Today, I had an EXTRA special treat!! On the way back, we had to stop by a small town bank. The kind that has the banker come to the car in his jeans and cowboy hat and take check inside to cash for my grandmother and comes back with money AND LOLLIPOPS!!! And not just the old stick lollipops...FLAVOR POPS on a rope!! The kind we had as kids!!!

This is how I spent the trip back home...with my grape flavored lollipop. Have you ever wondered how many licks it takes to finish a lollipop? Neither have I. BUT I wondered if I could make to the end of my grape flavored lollipop without biting it. LOL  almost. :P

Here's the incredible, edible, shrinking grape lollipop...

It's delicious!

It's really, REALLY good!!!

It's all I can do to keep myself from biting it.

I ALMOST did it. It was like a natural reflex.
It just happened, honest :P

OH!!!! Before I forget!!! There should be a rule against letting little people (i.e. dwarves, midgets, munchkins) work on road construction crews...ESPECIALLY directing traffic. Car drivers CAN NOT see you wave the traffic flags over the orange barrels! I almost had me one today. EXTRA POINTS!

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