Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bath Time

Let me start off by apologizing for the POOR picture quality. I was SO excited and the camera was zoomed in LOTS that most of my pics are lacking. :(

Like always, when I got home tonight I turned on the sprinkler in the front yard in a futile attempt to keep my yard from dying in this Texas drought and heat wave. EVERYBODY is feeling it...even all the animals and birds. I keep the bird baths full just for them.

When I went out later to move the sprinkler, I was greeted by several SQUEEEEEEEEEEKY squawks. I look down and WHAM! There's one of the young hawks!!! WAY COOL!! He is just on the edge of the sprinkler range and not one bit phased by the water hitting him. Everytime the water came around, he would stand there and then get a drink from the puddle at his feet.

Hawk getting splashed by the sprinkler.

...Now time for a drink.

I kept hearing squawking. I look up and the WHOLE family is in the tree waiting their turn. I moved to the other side of the car to get a picture when a jogger came by and scared him off. The family flew up to their old nest and fussed. When I moved the sprinkler, they stayed and watched and waited for me to leave.

He has gotten SO big!

MUST get better pictures next time!

It's too dark for pics now. But I know they'll be back and I'll be ready...With BETTER pics next time. LOL


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