Sunday, June 12, 2011

Just Add Water

I finally finished my 40-foot flowerbed this morning. Before, I had just made the bed and only planted a couple of daylilies. is full of daylilies. Just gotta add water. The bed continues past the faucet and hose in the distance. Can't wait for them to grow and fill up the bed. It will be really nice to pull into the driveway with all the daylilies in full bloom next year.

While I was sweating this morning, the family of hawks came back for a visit. Seems they were on a hunting trip. The kids' voices hadn't changed yet...very high pitched squeals. They were flying up and down the street and back to their old nest...squawking the whole time. Mom just sat and watched with a discerning eye. Next thing I heard was this TERRIBLE squawk and squeals. It seems one of the kids decided to take on a daddy Yellow Crested Night Heron that was proctecting his kids and nest. The hawk lost and flew back to momma. LOL

At 9:00 a.m. I decided it was too damn hot to do anything else outside.

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