Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just Say "NO!" Fix-A-Flat!!!

Car ownership comes with LOTS of ups and downs. And S learned the FIRST day of ownership about some of the downs. Yesterday, we were up bright and early to take a roadtrip in my new car. As we were leaving S noticed that HIS car had a flat. Yep. On Friday, I gave him my car after I got a new car. Everyone was excited...until Saturday morning when he had a flat. We decided to leave until Sunday when we were back to fix it.

Sunday morning..Got up bright and early to take the S-car to get the tire fixed. ( fixed it for him.) I didn't put the spare on because that would mean I'd have to unload the trunk to find it. Not in the mood. So...for the first time I grabbed a can of Fix-A-Flat thinking I would have a temporary fix so it could drive to Firestone and get fixed. WRONG!!!! Yes, it fixed his flat but NO, a flat can't be fixed after using Fix-A-Flat. HUH!?!?!?!? Seems the chemicals in Fix-A-Flat adhere to the inside of the tire making it impossible to patch the tire after using it. chit. Does the can of Fix-A-Flat tell you this? no. WHO KNEW!!! Not the guy at the auto parts store. damn. So momma ends up buying a new tire and getting the oil changed for the S-car. cha-ching!

Then I thought I'd be a good mommy and get the car washed and vacuumed and armor-all'ed for the boy. I never did that for me when it was my car!! LOL

He was sooooooooo tickled when I got back with HIS shiny, clean and fresh smelling car...that we took it out and bought him THREE suits to start his internship at the TV station with next week.

Momma needs a sugar daddy!!!


Chrisknits said...

What a good momma you are. Will you adopt me? I only need yarn!! It's much cheeper.

whimzeenator said...

Sure come on down! I have bins and bins you can choose from...I won't even have to buy any for a LONG time!! :P