Monday, May 30, 2011

Sitting in the Shade...

Even though Rudyard Kipling said gardens are not made by sitting in the shade, I think prefer the shade after this weekend. I think my fingernails are permanently stained. I've got blisters...was attacked by a couple of rose bushes...and I can't stand straight. One shining moment is that I was NEVER bit by an insect -- wasp, ant or skeeter. And granted, it does look nice.

This morning I got up and redid another flowerbed in the front yard. It had been neglected. I'm sure the neighbors are happy. In fact, one of my neighbors came over to see what had gotten into me...all this yard work this weekend. He said he almost didn't recognize the place when he got up this morning. smart ass. Of course he has an impeccable yard. He was nice enough to help me dig out some plants and gave me a few pointers since I was "new" to this work. LOL 

I planted some agapanthas, river irises and moss roses around my neglected roses. Then I gave them a good layer of black mulch. The black mulch makes everything pop and look so fresh.

After all the work this morning, I collapsed in the shade and solitude of my backyard. It was wonderful listening to the sounds of the day. Herons fussing; hawks squawking; squirrel dozing on the fence; neighbor shaving body hair. WHAT?! Rewind. Neighbor shaving body hair?!?! If I could have gotten a picture I would have. I'm sitting there, minding my own business and hear the faint buzz of dog clippers. OK...He's giving his dogs a trim. But wait...there's movement on the otherside of our fence...I can see there's someone standing there with no shirt on. HUH?! Oh good! it's NOT my neighbor but his step son. But what is he doing?? buzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzz I see his arm moving up and down on his chest and stomach between the boards of the fence. GROSSSSSSSS!!! He's shaving his body hair!!! X.O.M.G!!! I would have sent him outside, too!! ROFLMAO!!! It was all I could do to keep from busting a gut and falling out of my chair laughing.

Peace returned to my backyard.

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