Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lazy, Lazy Day.

'nough said.
I'm too lazy to say anything else. It's a lazy, lazy Summer day.
Too hot to do anything.
Too lazy to do anything.
It's just toooooooooooo.... yeah.

My crepe myrtles aren't lazy. They're busy blooming. I'm gonna sit back and watch them work at being gorgeous.

On the other potatoes are lazy. They were soooooooooo lazy they didn't sprout a SINGLE spud. Damn couch potatoes!!!!! USELESS!!! 

OK....back to being lazy again. I've exerted too much energy typing this post. :P

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Otter said...

We dug up my three tires of taters because something ate the tops. For Father's Day...we got two wee spuds. I know it will work, just need to put them where I can water them more regularly and fertilize. But the stacked tires do work.