Thursday, September 15, 2011

Disco Inferno

Fires are still a problem in Texas. It's amazing to watch all the new fires pop up across the state on this Texas fire activity map. There is SO much dead grass and under-brush that just the smallest spark can quickly ignite 100 acres. Just as they get a handle on one fire, another errupts. Our fireman are heros!!!

This week we had one close to the office. It was in George Bush Park (#41). (It was probably Bush's fault.) LOL

It didn't take long for it to spread. There's a 30 to 40 minutes between pictures. See how it was originally behind the building on the left. Then it was well past the building on the right. It took the fireman over 8 hours to get it under control. It reignited the next day but they were able to quickly put it out again.

1,500 acres burned in just a wink of an eye. It's amazing how fast a fire can travel. But when it's got an abundance source of fuel...We need rain.

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