Saturday, October 1, 2011

Knock! Knock!

Unless you read The Bloggess...this probably won't make any sense to you. LOL

I went to the new farmer's market at Imperial Sugar today hoping to find fresh vegetables and produce like you would expect to find at a farmer's market. Instead, I found Beyonce's cousin, Clarence.

And Clarence's brothers, Calvin and Bubba.

Bubba looks a little shell-shocked...I guess he's never had his picture taken by a monkey before.

No...I didn't bring any of them home. The smallest one – Bubba – was $170. That can buy LOTS of chicken nuggets at Chik Fil A.

Hopefully next weekend there will be MORE produce. There was a huge crowd – obviously people are craving fresh vegetables. I didn't see many people with bags. BUT everything was pretty much sold out except for the jewelry and chickens.

It was a beautiful Fall morning to kick it off.

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