Sunday, October 9, 2011

Strange Rain Creatures

It's RAINING!!!!

Oh what a beautiful sight!!! Oh what a beautiful sound!!! It so nice to wake up to hear rain falling off the roof and listening to it as it hits the dead grass and hard dirt. It's not a splat but more of a thunk. It's a wonderful sound. But soon the thunks become splashes because it's raining A LOT!!

I got up and thought I'd take a picture of this miraculous wet wonder falling from the sky but got totally distracted by a creature that has come out of no where. At first I thought it was a wet dirt clod (I think they call it mud) but then I noticed it had a tail. X.O.M.G!  It's a baby snapping turtle!!! How the hell did that get here? My house is about 5 houses from the nearest ditch through fenced backyards. There has been no rain for it to live in a puddle. How?? Where?? When?? Where's his mommy??

Ain't he cute!?!?!?

He's on the sidewalk between my house and the garage. Not far from there was a puddle.  It must have looked like an ocean to this little guy.

He made a bee-line to it and did what comes naturally...stuck his nose up! LOL  You can just see his head sticking up at 12 o'clock in the picture below...just above the green leaves in the middle.

He swam out of the puddle and started walking off into a dead flower bed.

I went back inside to get a little box thinking I would take him to the ditch so he could be closer to water and a food source. But when I came back outside...he was gone :(  ::sadness::

Jack Cat even said he would share some of his breakfast with the little guy.

So...if you're in my backyard...WATCH YOUR STEP!!!  Cuz I've got a snapping turtle that will eat your toes!!

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