Sunday, February 12, 2012

Culture Weekend

This weekend was FUN!!! It was filled wall lots and lots of monkey-dos!

Veldhuizen Bosque Blue
Friday night: Margaritas and homemade Texas cheese from Veldhuizen Cheese. This stuff is AWESOME!!! My favorite is the Redneck Cheddar and Bosque Blue. This stuff has a fabulous kick! I can't wait to try their Gouda and Gruyere...and all their other cheeses.

I want to play the washboard!

Saturday: It was time for some Zydeco and Gumbo!! Boudreaux and me had us some crawfish pie and filet gumbo down on da bayou! Music was by Dr. Zog. Great local band...he could really tear up that accordion. Let me tell you about the gumbo. O.M.G. it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!!!! Spicy. Mudbugs. THEN there were the homemade pralines. I guaran-damn-tee ya these were the best!!!

Delicious homemade gumbo AND homemade pralines
Sunday: Time for some crochet guild with special guest, Drew Emborsky (The Crochet Dude). He is a gem!! I had to leave all the fun early and rush off to see some Shakespeare! Yes, now it's time for a little Romeo & Juliet. My darling son is playing Mercutio. He did a FABULOUS job (of course!). He stole the show when he comes out drunk from the party scene with his long-nosed mask sticking out of his pants zipper. Does a momma proud!

Can I get another weekend (starting Monday) to recover from this weekend?

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