Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stupid Monkey Award

Spring is in the air...Everywhere you look around...Ooooo ooooo ooooh!

Isn't that how that song goes?

I know Spring is here because my Yellow-Crested Night Herons have return to nest in all my oak trees. There must be 6-7 nests in the trees just on my lot. They look pretty funny in the trees because the herons are such a lanky wading bird. And they're babies....OMG...they're babies are U-G-L-Y!!! UGLY!

One must be very careful when walking in the yard under the trees during this time of year. Avoid the "white paint" splatter and never look up. "Bombs" fall from the trees that make pigeon bombs look like a light rain.

This year has been unique. We have a new bird to the zoo. Besides the herons and the hawk families, we've had a duck, yes, a duck, sitting on my roof top lately. I don't live near a pond or a lake. There is a large ditch but it's not really close.

My son was finally home during Spring Break so I put him to work around the house. I had him get up on the roof to sweep off some leaves and limbs that had fallen during the Winter. He's a good boy...most of the time. :) he's cleaning the roof and around the chimney, all of a sudden he jumps and screams. A DUCK has jumped out of the chimney! Yes, a duck!?!?!? WTH?!?

She kept a very close eye on my son as he worked around the chimney.

Never letting him out of her sight.

The duck finally got off the chimney so my son could take a look to see what she was guarding. Yep. Just as I had figured. A nest.

WTH!?!?!?!?! This is one stupid duck!! What's going to happen when her babies hatch? Has she thought ahead?!?! Obviously not. EGGS!!! OMG. A duck has laid eggs in my chimney. Not just one or two eggs. A BUTT LOAD OF EGGS!!! All I could see were cute little baby ducks hatching and taking their first step and SPLAT! right off the edge of my roof. I would come home to cute little yellow furry broken baby ducks scattered in my yard. I can't have that. They have to be moved.

I gave my son an Easter basket and sent him off to find Easter eggs. :P

He was a little apprehensive at first. EWWWW! roflmao!!

He was worried that momma duck was  going to come after him but she just sat over there watching the egg raider.

She had been a busy duck. She laid THIRTEEN eggs in my chimney!!! OMG!!! Image their cute little yellow furry bodies falling and rolling off my roof. o.O

We moved the eggs onto a plant tray and into a flower bed below ON THE GROUND in hopes momma duck might find them. I know the odds aren't good but we will try.

The chimney now has a make-shift cover on top of a McCain-Palin yard sign and a couple of bricks. It will have to do until I can get some chicken wire to cover it. Hopefully it will last long enough up there to give momma duck the message to nest somewhere on the ground!!!

I had duck eggs in my chimney.   o.O    good grief.

And yes, the Stupid Monkey Award goes to.....

And a HUGE THANK YOU to my son for cleaning off the roof... and doing battle with a momma duck!

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