Monday, May 23, 2011

About to Fly the Coup!

My yard is full of trees. My trees are full of nests. Those nests are full of baby birds!!

For the first time, we've had a nest of Red Tailed Hawks. The nest is HUGE!! You can see the clump of leaves and twigs in the bottom right. But check out those "baby" hawks!! Aren't they cute!!! They're almost big enough to fly away. I've been amazed how both mom and dad have helped in the raising of them. Dad has been very protective...and busy.

The nest is over the driveway...which has a lovely fresh coat of abstract art on it right now. We need a good rain to wash away all the white splats of "paint".

This morning I was finally able to see the babies. They were checking me out when I took out the trash. There might have been a third baby in the nest but I'm not sure. The thing is like 30 feet up the tree!

I've seen signs that the Yellow Crested Night Herons have hatched in the trees in the backyard. Several light blue eggshells were scattered all over the back PLUS lots more abstract splat art in the yard. One MUST be careful when going back's a bomb zone.


Who knew hawk droppings could be abstract art?? LOL

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