Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Breakfast Delivery

Lots of activity at the Hawk abode this morning.

This morning I noticed THREE bright eyed and bushy tailed babies as I was leaving. I thought I had seen another head yesterday. :)  One was stretching his wings alot and then FLEW about 10 feet across the tree top. It won't be long now!!!!

As I was snapping pictures, momma showed up. Seems she was watching from a tree across the street. I thought she had ordered breakfast delivered in bed today because an oblivious squirrel came scurrying up the tree. UH OH!! Mom tried to pounce on him but he just fell back and ran up another limb. STUPID SQUIRREL!!! By this time, all the babies were like...FOOD'S HERE!!!!!!! I don't think she was too interested in cooking this morning. She let him get away. But that stupid squirrel was still interested in their nest. Maybe he checking it out for when the hawks move out.

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