Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stupid Monkey Award #3

I have an interesting drive to work everyday. Part of the drive includes a stretch through the Asian district. Lots of delicious restaurants and interesting stores. I love to go and wonder the grocery telling what you will see or find!! (I see a photo trip coming up :P )

There's a strip center that cracks me up everytime!! It's there that we find this week's Stupid Monkey Award recipient...


Yes. You read that right. Dong Insurance Agency. I don't know if it's Mr. Dong's insurance company or if they are insuring dongs...maybe it's insurance for the porn industry...but either way, this is one of those times when someone at the sign company who has English as a FIRST language should have spoken up (with a straight face) and said... "Mr. Dong, you might want to think about renaming your company because it sounds like you're insuring tallywackers!"

Granted, I'm sure there are men out there that think they're pecker should be insured because it's God's gift to us all (but we know the truth) and maybe there are some out there that SHOULD insure it. BUT...if that's the case, maybe you could have come up with something more clever like...Dick or Peter or Whanker or Cocks-R-Us.

Maybe I just have a dirty mind that stays in the gutter...but I know I go to work with a smile everyday! :P

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