Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sense of Accomplishment

Not sure what's going on this weekend. I've been up at the crack of dawn...AND working in the yard. Hell must be freezing over!!

I have this dirt between the side of my house and the driveway. I got a wild hair a couple of weeks ago and had the yardman tear it all up and pull out all the elephant ears and airplane plants that had been growing there since I bought the house 11 years ago. It was easy to maintain. Heck, I didn't even water it! They wouldn't die!! So why did I mess up a good thing?

I prepared the bed today...mixed in some new potting soil, added some edging and covered it with black mulch. I even planted a couple of miniature yellow daylilies I got for my birthday. I think I need a few more plants. LOL  This bed gets full afternoon sun. It's not a wide bed...maybe a 1.5 feet at the widest...but it's 40 feet long!

Only thing left to do is get a bag of pea gravel for under the faucet and hose.

What shall I do tomorrow? Rest??? definitely!!

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