Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Wild Hairs

After feeling bad the last couple of days, I was up bright and early this BEFORE 7am. ugh. WHY!?  So...I got a wild hair and decided to get up and moving and run a few errands. By 10am I had...

had a typical Saturday morning holiday breakfast at Whataburger...sausage, egg and cheese taquito with ice, cold orange juice.

filled up with gas...LOVED getting 10 cents off!!

got the car washed...

and went to the nursery...where I found out I really wish I had a truck or SUV!! yes, the trunk was full, too!!!

The nursery had LOTS of pretty flowers for me to kill. I decided to let them the nursery...since I'm already becoming a serial killer at home.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!
Stay safe!!!

1 comment:

Otter said...

ugh...I am going to have to take my SUV and load up with soil and mulch next week.