Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rain, Rain, Stay Today!

...And Come Again EVERYDAY!

We had a couple of nice rain showers this week. It only totalled about 1/3 of an inch but HEY! we'll take it. That just means we're only NEGATIVE 19.66 inches in our annual rainfall totals. As you can tell from this picture, it wasn't even a heavy rain...the sun is still shining.

I know it's hot up in the North and Northeast but HELLS BELLS!! We have been dealing with triple-digit heat and a triple-digit heat index since May and we've had NO measureable rainfall since last October. We have a 20-inch rain deficit. You've had heat for only a week and rain all year. Go buy a fan and chill! That's what we're doing. It will eventually pass. In the meantime, sweat with the rest of us. And then go take a shower cuz you're startin' to smell funky. :P


Chrisknits said...

I get so irritated with our own Midwest news stations that just have to OMG!!!! It's sooooo hot, oh no, what will we do!!!! scare tactics. it does this EVERYYYYYY year!!!!! Get over it. What, you forget from summer to summer. And then, just wait for it....winter. OMG!!!!! We haven't seen snow like this since, well, last year. Stupid Alarmists!

whimzee said...

Exactly!! When it DOES rain here and floods along the's like "OMG! It flooded" Then don't live in a floodplain and get some teeth!! LOL :D