Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yes, There's a Coffin in My Yard

"Yes, mom. I brought home a few props from the play."
"Please, mom. Can we store them here for a "little" while?"
"Thanks, mom. They won't be here long."

That was my DARLING son TWO years ago after his fabulous performance as Sheridan in "The Man Who Came to Dinner." Never did I know I would have stage props filling up my house for TWO years!!!!

My studio was full of fake plants and Grecian columns and pottery. Even a bag of costumes. But the best piece...a SARCOPHAGUS...(yes, an Egyptian coffin) graced my DINING ROOM.

No. Not a miniature sarcophagus. Not a table top replica. A FULL SIZE  SARCOPHAGUS!!!!!

I must say it's been a conversation piece. And the artwork for the coffin lid is very nice. In fact, we kept the lid and it now graces the corner of my studio. Sort of a nice touch I think.

BUT the big body-holding part of the sarcophagus is GONE! GONE I TELL YA!!!! It was taken to the curb for large trash collection. I sure would have loved to see the garbage men's expression when he picked that thing up. ROFLMAO!!!

Even funnier are my neighbors' reactions.
"What the hell is in your yard?!?!"
"Just what the heck have y'all been up to?!"

I love trash day!

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